Zanzibar Gem

Botanical name:

Zamioculcus zamiifolia


A slow-growing tropical-looking and low-maintenance specimen plant that has become one of the most popular indoor plants around.


A tropical perennial native to eastern Africa and what an impact it has had on the interior design scene! This has fast become one of the trendiest plants to use indoors due to the glossy green waxy leaves which have such fresh appeal. When it comes to care, it probably rates as one of the easiest to care for requiring very little water or even feed. Just stand back and admire a beauty....what a winner!
An excellent choice if you want the more tropical look and don’t really have much time to invest in the care.

Supplied sizes:

Supplied in two size options:
In a 17cm nursery pot:
Plant size of 65cm tall, including the pot, and 30cm wide.
Fits into a pot cover of 18-20cm wide and 18cm deep.
In a 24cm nursery pot:
Plant size of 80cm tall, including the pot, and 40cm wide.
Fits into a pot cover of 25-28cm wide and 25cm deep.

Growth habit:

Upright and full appearance. It can reach a height of around 1m and a spread of 80cm-1m.

Ideal conditions:

Medium to low light conditions.

Watering requirements:

Allow to dry out between waterings. 

Health concerns and benefits:

Non-toxic to both humans and pets.
Known to be excellent at purifying the air of toxins and converting that into oxygen. 

Known concerns:

The only real issue is usually overwatering. It thrives on minimal care.

Any questions?

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to explore further options in sizing; would like more advice on the plant or discuss any concerns regarding any issues you are having growing yours.

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