Houseplant Subscription per month for 12 months


The ultimate gift that keeps on giving.
Whether treating yourself or a loved one, this annual subscription is a true wonder.
Receive a specially chosen plant every month for a full year.
Before the year is up we’ll check if you’d like to renew your subscription, or if you’ve reached peak houseplant goals.

Each month includes:
  • A beautiful houseplant, specially chosen for the time of year and our corresponding theme.
  • A plant pot, taking the guesswork out of finding the right size for your new plant. Pots are neutral in colour to work with your home decor and allow the plant to shine.
  • A keepsake postcard with care instructions and tips for the plant.
  • A beautiful folder to display all your postcards, so pretty you’ll want to keep it on the coffee table for all to admire.
  • A beautiful gift plus an extra houseplant to give to a friend (or keep for yourself, we won’t tell!)
  • Information, guidance and tutorials on plant care through our monthly e-newsletter.

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We're here to help your plants thrive!

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