Houseplant Focus liquid plant food


A general purpose solution, formulated to give excellent results with plants grown indoors. Includes rich levels of humic and fulvic acids to enhance growth and support long term soil fertility.


Contains a precise formulation specifically developed for houseplants with all nutrients needed for healthy growth and optimal flowering.
Manufactured from the purest and most soluble mineral salts, including vital micronutrients, and is enriched with concentrated organic plant acids and pure extracts of kelp.
N:P:K ratio of 1.9 : 0.7 : 3.3 with trace elements and added Seaweed extract. 

Supplied sizes:

Supplied in a pack of 6 drip feeders and 300ml volumes

Health concerns:

Can cause serious eye irritation if it came in contact with your eyes. Our best advice would be to wear eye protection when applying and wash your hands thoroughly after use - see product label for more information. 

Any questions?

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding the product. 

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