Golden Pothos, Devils Ivy

Botanical name:

Epipremnum aureus


A very easy-to-care-for fast-growing trailing/climbing plant ideal for virtually any spot indoors but prefer medium to low light conditions.


Originally from the forests of Southeast Asia, this is a truly easy-to-care-for trailing/climbing plant with heart-shaped glossy variegated leaves that really brightens up the area it occupies. Available in both the climbing version on a mosspole and the trailing version in a hanging basket or pot, it is so versatile and would be a very good choice to add to your urban jungle collection. 
A very reliable choice if you want some low-maintenance greenery cascading off the edge of a shelf or countertop.

Supplied size:

Supplied in two options:
Hanging basket with 20cm pot:
Plant size of 30cm high, inclusive of the pot, and trailing at 45cm length.
Will fit into a pot cover size of 22-25cm wide and 16cm deep.
Mosspole climber in a 24cm pot:
Plant size of 1.3m tall, inclusive of the pot, and 45cm wide.
Will fit into a pot cover size of 25-27cm wide and 24cm deep.

Growth habit:

Trailing or climber. The stems can be cut at any stage to reduce the length and ends can be used for cuttings to grow additional plants. 

Ideal conditions:

Medium to low light conditions, but can do well in even bright conditions. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Watering requirements:

Only water again if the soil is dry to the touch. Prefer not to be kept moist at all times.

Health concerns and benefits:

If ingested, it can cause irritation or swelling of the oral tissues and other parts of the gastrointestinal tract.
It is really strong at purifying the air of toxins and converting that to oxygen. 

Known concerns:

The only issue they tend to suffer from is being overwatered.

Any questions?

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to explore further options in sizing; would like more advice on the plant or discuss any concerns regarding any issues you are having growing yours.

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