Cast iron plant

Botanical name:

Aspidistra elatior 


A slow-growing spreading plant with large leathery, but elegant leaves and has earned the common name of Cast Iron Plant due to the sheer resilience and the ability to thrive in conditions where they get very little care. 


The Cast iron plant is native to China and Japan and has been a very popular houseplant back in the days. This slow-growing and elegant beauty dates back to the Victorian time where they used them in their hallways as a bold statement plant. The best appeal of this plant is the large upright leaves and when planted in the right pot and placed on the floor it can make a striking feature in any home. It is worth mentioning that they are happy to spend some time outdoors in a sheltered shady spot in the warmer months of the year. 
An excellent choice if you are looking for a statement feature plant that does not require much of your time in care.

Supplied size:

Supplied in a 15cm nursery pot.
Plant size of 60cm tall, inclusive of the pot, and 25cm wide.
Will fit into a pot cover size of 16-17cm wide and 15cm deep.

Growth habit:

Upright and spreading, reaching a total height of 60-80cm.

Ideal conditions:

Medium to low light conditions.

Watering requirements:

Allow to dry out between waterings. 

Health concerns and benefits:

Non-toxic humans and pets.
Known to be excellent at purifying the air of toxins and converting that to oxygen.

Known concerns:

The only real issue is usually overwatering. It thrives on minimal care.

Any questions?

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to explore further options in sizing; would like more advice on the plant or discuss any concerns regarding any issues you are having growing yours.

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