The Avid Gardener team
Hi, I’m Mark Falconer (pictured middle), founder and The Avid Gardener.
The Avid Gardener team welcomes you to our site. We are grateful you are here reading our story.

My entire career has been driven by the passion for plants. It started within the Garden Centre Industry in South Africa at the age of 16 where I was helping out at the checkout area , as a casual weekend job, taking people’s plants to their car and helping them pack it in the car. So many plants caught my eye and sparked interest, that I began spending time on my lunch break finding the plants in the nursery and researching them. Slowly my knowledge grew and so did my hunger for pursuing a career in this field. I was promoted internally to sales positions in houseplants, fertilisers, pesticides and fungicides and then moved up to management positions in the houseplants sector and the garden sundries sector. I was lucky enough to work in almost every department within a Garden Centre building up valuable experience and knowledge of all aspects of the industry. 
I moved to the UK in 2004 where I fell into the comfort zone of the Garden Centre industry here and it was like starting all over again with most of the plant base being completely different. Energised by this new challenge, I hit the books, read the plant labels and indulged in others sharing knowledge with me and was soon totally confident in my ability to inspire others to get into gardening and advise them on how they could achieve this. 
I then decided that with all this knowledge, I can begin my own journey of opening my own business, The Avid Gardener, and continue servicing anyone interested in being associated with the brand. Tapping into my wealth of knowledge with houseplants, I decided to join the surging trend of houseplant sales through the lockdown period and developed the e-commerce side of the business focusing mainly on houseplants and related products. With over 29 years of houseplant and gardening experience and still growing, I hope you may join me in my gardening ventures and support The Avid Gardener in any way you can.

Our team

Pictured left is Fabian and right is Matthew. Like in all businesses, the foundation of your reputation is built on the work you produce and the service you provide. This element of the business is greatly influenced by the people that work for you. For those that have been able to experience working with both Fabian and Matthew will know that they both take great pride in their work and work really hard at producing results they can be proud of.
Matthew started working with me in the early stages of the business doing occasional landscaping work and continued to contribute a high standard of work to the point where he has become a strong and dedicated full-time Team Leader.
Fabian joined the team as a change of career from his retail background. As someone who has always been passionate about plants and gardening, he went with his heart and made the refreshing career change into horticulture. He approaches all his work with a great sense of pride and always strives to produce better results with every opportunity.
I can always rely on both Matthew and Fabian to produce excellent results which will exceed our client’s expectations.

Our business

As the name suggests, we are passionate gardeners with a real love for working with nature. Our real work is not only caring for and maintaining gardens, but progressively making small changes to enhance the ‘picture’ and that is why we choose the slogan of ‘garden artists at work’. With increasing awareness over issues such as bee population decline, we have put all our energy into encouraging people to plant with bee awareness in mind. Any contribution is better than no contribution and we take great pride in knowing that we have the incredible opportunity to contribute in providing the right habitats for the bees and creating awareness around the issue. Join us in supporting The Bumblebee Conservation Trust in any way you feel comfortable with.

Our pledge

We will work with you, listen to your ideas and advise you on how to create your ideal garden, offering you outstanding service and a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we are thankful for the opportunity to share our story with you.

Happy gardening everyone...