Why should we introduce biophilic design?

Making nature a part of urban life can provide a number of health benefits. Biophilic design is known to support our health and well-being, reduce stress levels, and have a positive effect on our mood. We believe that most people feel a sense of happiness when in nature and that’s why we live by the mantra #PlantsMakePeopleHappy


Workplace plant installations


The benefits of plants go far beyond the home. Did you know that in the workplace, plants can help to:

● Boost your mood
● Purify the air
● Increase productivity
● Create a relaxed environment
● Encourage creative thinking

We have a bespoke offer, tailored to your needs, providing consultancy, supply, installation and maintenance of a specially selected range of houseplants. By introducing the right mix of health-benefiting plants with varying form, texture and appeal, you’ll get to breathe fresher and cleaner air, boosting productivity and reducing stress levels.

Commercial installations


Biophilic design, connecting ourselves to nature and making it part of urban life, is relevant to us all. Whether you’re looking to add greenery to your business’ reception space, a meeting area, a gallery or even a shopping centre, we would love to work with you and introduce biophilic design into the space. We combine natural elements and complimentary planting design to create your dream look and feel for the space.

Houseplant Help

Consider yourself the Grim Reaper of house plants? The thought of caring for a plant can be daunting; where does it need to go? How often do I water it? Are the leaves meant to do that? We believe there is a plant for everyone, and with the right advice, you’ll soon know all you need to let your plants thrive. So if you have a question about your houseplant, snap a photo and share it with us. We’ll be able to steer you on the road to recovery; nothing beats the feeling of reviving a plant and getting it back to tip top condition!