Bee aware

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The bumblebee conservation trust

As a gardening business, we find ourselves in a privileged position where we can really make a difference in issues such as bee number decline. Being in contact with so many people who have gardens, we have the wonderful opportunity to promote new plantings of bee attracting plants into the urban gardens of London. There is virtually no design that cannot include this. From open beds to containers, there are plenty of choices - we have even compiled our top 10 bee attracting plants blog post for you if you wanted to introduce some into your garden as your first push to aid this worthy cause. An environmental concern such as this has a long road to recovery, but if with every opportunity, we are able introduce these plants into all new planting design, we are doing our part to progressively increase the numbers. Of course, we need to be conscious of the flip side and make sure we are adopting an approach to our gardening practices that does not damage their habitats or endanger their lives, such as using chemicals that contain neonicotinoids which affects their nervous system causing paralysis and finally death. It’s a change of thought processes and working practices that will give us the edge we need to make a difference. 

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust

This year we have become a business member of The Bumblebee Conservation Trust and support their ventures in creating awareness of the decline in bumblebee numbers and providing as much information on how we can help this worthy cause. As professional gardeners, we are committed to play our role in doing whatever we can do to support making small changes in our approach to our planting design plant selection and to adopt good working practices that help protect the bee habitats. If this sort of issue sits close to your heart, like us, please join us in supporting them by making a donation to fund the work they are doing - click here to make a donation.