String of pearls

Botanical name:

Curio rowleyanus, syn. Senecio rowleyanus


A creeping succulent vine of great popularity. This eye-catching succulent has trailing stems of pearl-like foliage that can trail in excess of 1m long. White daisy-like flowers can appear on the slender stems, but it really is the unusual bead-like foliage that steals the show.


Being native to South West Africa, this easy-to-care for succulent vine enjoys the heat and plenty of bright light indoors. It is best used as a hanging plant or positioned on the edge of a shelf so the slender stems can trail endlessly to the floor. For a succulent, it can grow relatively fast and the stems will need trimming at some point before they reach the ground or even to encourage a denser plant display.  This must-have succulent remains a very popular choice for someone looking for something unusual or different to expand their houseplant collection.

Supplied size:

Supplied in a 11cm square nursery pot.
Plant size of 24cm tall, inclusive of the taller pot, and 12cm wide with a trail of approx 15-20cm.
Will fit into a pot cover size of 15cm wide and 24cm deep. 

Growth habit:

Trailing growth habit making it a great choice for hanging baskets. They can reach a trail of more than 1.5m and the spread is only the size of the container it is planted in. 

Ideal conditions:

Bright and warm conditions, but no direct scorching sunlight. They enjoy having the heat penetrate the top of the plant to avoid any root rot, but do be careful not to place it in direct sunlight for most of the day.

Watering requirements:

Only water well when the plant is completely dry and then leave it to dry out to the point where the ‘pearls’ feel slightly softer to the touch. If the ‘pearls’ are hard to the touch then it does not require watering.

Health concerns and benefits:

Toxic if ingested to both humans and pets, so best kept away from young children and out of reach for pets. 
There are no known health benefits for this plant, except the happiness you feel when it’s part of your collection. 

Known concerns:

Root rot and rotting foliage are the main concern, so it’s best to keep the plant on the drier side and only water when the ‘pearls’ feel softer to the touch. As with most succulents, they are prone to attack by mealy bug, so keep an eye out for the white woolly appearance between the foliage and treat accordingly. 

Any questions?

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to explore further options in sizing; would like more advice on the plant or discuss any concerns regarding any issues you are having growing yours.

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