Dieffenbachia (Dumb cane)

Botanical name:

Dieffenbachia seguine ‘Summer Style’ 


An eye-catching and showy plant with a fresh bright lime green, almost white leaf edged with darker green.


Native from the Caribbean and South America, Dieffenbachia is a great feature plant to add a tropical look and feel to a home. ‘Summer style’ is all about the bright showy leaves and is so eye-catching in the right position. You could say…it brings a sense of Summer indoors. This plant is highly adaptable to certain lighting and conditions, making it a perfect option for the home or office. 

Supplied size:

Supplied in a 17cm nursery pot.
Plant size of 55-60cm tall, inclusive of the pot, and 35cm wide.
Will fit into a pot cover size of 19cm wide and 18cm deep. 

Growth habit:

Bushy habit. Rotate the plant to provide adequate light to all sides of the plant and prevent it from reaching toward the light on one side.

Ideal conditions:

Medium to bright conditions and ideally warm, but no direct sunlight. Certain cultivars are more tolerant of lower light conditions. Avoid placing it near a radiator in the room. It thrives on humidity and would really enjoy a regular misting of the foliage in warmer conditions, as well as even placing it on a pebble tray to increase the surrounding humidity. Being positioned near a humidifier is highly beneficial as well.

Watering requirements:

Keep the soil moist, but be careful not to keep it saturated. Try to allow it to slightly dry out a little between waterings, but don’t let the soil dry out too much as this will cause browning of the tips of the leaves. Make sure to reduce the watering slightly in the Winter months, however the plant will still benefit from a regular misting of the foliage if the heating is on for longer periods of time.

Health concerns and benefits:

Toxic to humans and pets, if ingested. Keep raised up and clear of children and pets. The sap contains calcium oxalate which is poisonous and can cause breathing problems and even loss of speech, hence the common name of ‘dumb cane’.
It is known for having good air-purifying abilities by filtering airborne toxins and converting them to oxygen.

Known concerns:

Overwatering can be the biggest concern as this can easily cause rotting.

Any questions?

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to explore further options in sizing; would like more advice on the plant or discuss any concerns regarding any issues you are having with growing yours.

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