Top 10 gardening chores for September

What to focus on, as your gardening chores for September:

Harvesting Apples

1. Its a great month for harvesting. Continue harvesting your vegetables and fruit and if there is too much to deal with, share with neighbours, friends and family.

2. Collect seeds from flowering plants and edibles which you may want to keep for future sowings or even to swap out with other friends and family.

3. Prune any shrubs that might need some tidying up and take cuttings of your personal favourites. Rambling roses stems that have flowered will need pruning out as well as the blackberry stems and raspberry canes that have produced fruit. Some perennials that are doing the splits may need to be cut back.

4. The Summer pruning of trained apples and pears should be completed this month.

5. Lift any tender perennials and pot them up for a more sheltered position elsewhere or move them to the glasshouse/greenhouse.

6. The leaves are slowly beginning to fall, so collect them as they fall and begin creating your own leafmould for the following

Allium and bee

7. Flower bulbs will be available in the garden centres so make sure you buy early for the best range. Alliums sell out quickly, so if they appeal to you, shop while there is still good stock in the garden centres. Daffodils and crocus bulbs can go in the ground now, but you have until November for the Tulips.

8. Dig up strawberry runners and pot them up for next year.

9. Raise the height of your mower now to encourage thicker grass.

10. Growth on hedges will begin to slow down now, so give them a good cut to neaten them up.

Happy gardening!

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