Top 10 gardening chores for November

What to do in November


1. Continue to clear leaves on lawns (most importantly), flower beds and ponds.

2. This month is traditionally the month when frosts begin, so begin insulating your containers with bubblewrap and fleecing your more tender plants when there is the risk of frost.

3. It’s now time to finish off your Spring bulb planting scheme with planting of Tulips. They will provide you with colour until June next year.

4. Roses will require a pruning now as they have lost all or most of their leaves. The pruning also helps to reduce wind-rock as well. It’s also the best time of the year to plant Roses, with the garden centres usually stocking up with the new season batch.

5. Plant up your beds and containers with Winter bedding such as Pansy and Viola which will provide plenty of colour until May next year.

6. Place greasebands around the trunks of fruit trees to stop any Winter pests.

7. Prune Apple, Pears, Quinces and Medlars.

8. Place some bird seed out to attract Winter birds into your garden.

9. Rise up containers by using pot feet, to prevent water-logging.

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