Top 10 gardening chores for December

What to do in December


1. With the frosts and the icy weather on the doorstep, make sure all your frost protection is secure and functional. Depending on the temperature, you may require more than one layer of fleece. Helpful hint – one layer of fleece can increase the temperature by approximate 2 degrees.

2. Switch off any water features; keep the bases empty and remove the pumps where possible. Roll up and store hosepipes in a frost free area and insulate your exterior pipes from freezing conditions using bubblewrap.

3. It’s now time to prune bush apples and pears while they are in a dormant state. Espalier forms should not be pruned at this stage.

4. Planting of deciduous trees and shrubs can still be done at this stage as long as the ground is not frozen.

5. As it is cooler indoors, the watering of your houseplants can be reduced to avoid rotting.

. Try to keep ponds free of frozen ice and if necessary, place a plastic saucer or two on the surface so they can be lifted to allow access to the pond water for feeding, if required.Skimmia_reevesiana

7. Continue harvesting any of your Winter crops such as leeks, parsnips, winter cabbages and sprouts.

8. Now is a good time to begin carrying out servicing, cleaning and sharpening of your tools.

9. Continue clearing leaves and debris from the lawns and lower growing plants such as groundcovers and alpines to ensure the dampness does not cause rotting.

10. Get festive and make your own Christmas wreath for your front door.

Wishing all my readers, followers, fellow gardeners, horticulturists and customers a festive Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

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