Top 10 gardening chores for August

What to focus on, as your gardening chores for August:
1. Wisterias need their Summer pruning, cutting all the long growth back to five leaves. These same shoots will be cut further back once the plant has lost it’s leaves.

2. Continue to deadhead flowering plants to encourage more
3. Ensure that watering is done regularly with the warmer and dry weather. The best time to water is early in the morning or later in the evening. If it stays warm and dry, use water saving strategies such as ‘grey water’ (bathwater and washing up water), as long as they are not too dirty or oily.

4. Strawberry runners can be planted up for next season.

5. Spread a layer of compost or mulch to conserve moisture in the soil. Ensure you thoroughly soak the soil before laying the mulch.
6. Harvest all your fruits and vegetables that may be ready.

Pruning and shaping
7. Start saving the seeds of your choice for next seasons sowing and take cuttings.

8. Prune and shape Summer flowering shrubs as the blooms begin to fade and begin to divide perennials.

9. Cut back the foliage of early flowering perennials to revitalise the plants.

10. Keep your water feature and pond topped up and free of pond weed.

Happy gardening!

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