Top 10 gardening chores for June

What to focus on, as your gardening chores for the month of June:

1. Keep on top of weeding by regularly hoeing the borders – be careful for flower bulb growth coming through.


2. With the risk of frost coming to an end, your tomato plants can be moved outside. Make sure they are tied in as they grow and pinch out any side shoots to encourage upright growth first.

3. Harvest early potatoes and other early planted crops, such as radishes and lettuces.

4. Mow lawns once a week to for the best quality.

5. Plant out any frost tender annuals such as the Summer bedding as well as the
younger and tender perennials.

6. Ensure that all taller perennials are supported.


7. Prune Spring flowering shrubs and perform the ‘Chelsea chop’ on the early flowering perennials to encourage a second flush of growth and flowers.

8. Treat any mildew infections by spraying with a systemic fungicide or by cutting the plants back to encourage new growth.

9. Cover strawberries and other soft fruit with netting to prevent birds from eating the ripening fruits.

10. Fertilise regularly during the active growing period to ensure optimum results.

Happy gardening!

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