What houseplants can do for you…

Everyone can relate to that positive feeling when we are out in nature surrounded by beautiful plants…greenery truly does have a positive effect on our mood.
In an analysis of 10 UK studies, it was also found that being around nature can provide a big boost to self-esteem, especially in young people.

Research that has been conducted in both the UK and US, reveals that by introducing houseplants in your home, it can make a real difference to your health. 

One of the most important benefits that certain houseplants can have is the fact that they have good air-purifying capabilities. The ability to convert airborne toxins and carbon dioxide into oxygen means that the air you breathe in the surrounding area will be that much purer resulting in better respiratory health and a stronger immune system. Some plants have even been proven to reduce airborne bacteria and viruses….even


The benefits go beyond just clean air because with the cleaner air we breathe, we are able to improve our concentration, productivity, focus and overall well-being.  Exeter University in the UK conducted a research study which found that by introducing houseplants your memory can even be boosted by up to 20%.

By introducing certain foliage textures and even certain colour tones in leaves within our working environment, houseplants can even inspire creativity. 

Even something as simple as the careful positioning of plants can make a difference as well. A well positioned plant adds a relaxing and peaceful ambiance to any room providing a calmer and more grounded environment which in turn reduces stress. 

The process of nurturing and caring for your plants brings us happiness and contentment and when the new growth emerges under our care, it extends even further to a feeling of optimism.

Now these are some good reasons to immerse ourselves in greenery and I often think of Tesco’s motto of ‘Every little bit helps’ when I think of adding another plant to my collection.

For all you houseplant enthisiasts, I know you share my thoughts when I say ‘There is always room for another plant’ 😉


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