Our top 3 plants for low light conditions

Low-light positions have always been a challenging position to add some greenery as it poses watering challenges due to the lack of light. I think it’s important to clarify that ‘low-light’ in plants terms would mean that you can still read in those conditions. Areas where reading may not be possible would not be ideal for any plant, as they need some form of light to photosynthesise.

Peace lily

Our top 3 choices for success in low light conditions are: 

Spathiphyllum aka Peace Lily or Boat Lily - a very popular choice for most houseplant lovers with lovely white spathe flowers contrasting well with the shiny green leaves. The white flowers add a sense of light to a shady indoor spot, bringing  that place to ‘life’. Make sure to keep it well watered, but not saturated. 

Devils Ivy, Golden pothos

Epipremnum aureus aka Devil’s Ivy or Golden Pothos - rated one of the easiest houseplants to maintain, Pothos has very little care requirements other than the occasional watering when the soil is dry to the touch and a monthly feed. It’s pretty easy going and with its fast growth rate, it will add some green appeal cascading down the side of a shelf or cupboard.

Chinese evergreen

Aglaonema Maria’ aka Chinese evergreen - If you’re looking good for an easy option for an office that has very little natural light, then Chinese evergreen should be your plant of choice. It’s so easy going with the plant preferring to be more on the drier side making it another top choice for low maintenance. The striking foliage will also add so much value in a lower light area and it looks great in a lighter pot as a contrast against the fresh green two-tone foliage. 

Helpful hint: Especially plants positioned in an area of lower light, it may be best to plant them in a free-draining soil mixture by adding perlite to lighten the mix and improve the drainage. This ensures that the soil dries out quicker avoiding issues such as root rot.

I hope you have found this article useful and I wish you all the growing success with your houseplants. 

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