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Personally curated by our expert, Mark, this houseplant subscription service is sure to bring a burst of joy to your home every month.
Each month’s theme, from mindfulness, creativity, productivity and more, is centred on your well-being and building an indoor plant paradise.
As part of our houseplant subscription, you will also access exclusive video tutorials guiding you through looking after houseplants and providing support you need to enable your plants to thrive.

A green interior is a healthy interior

Houseplant experts

The most underrated health benefit there is. Most people are unaware that by introducing houseplants into your home and workplace they can offer health benefits such as improving your health and well-being; clearing toxins in the air; increasing concentration and clarity of thought; adsorbing background noise; reducing stress levels and boosting productivity and creativity. Now that’s a good reason to immerse yourself in greenery...

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